Episode 2 : The Awkward Gym Encounter

I am usually a very happy person when I wake up in the morning, but not today. It’s 7 in the morning and in one hour you will find me somewhere I never wanted to be at the first place. After being continuously daunted by my friends, emotionally threatened by my parents, contemplating and deliberating with a little help from Google, I finally decide to join the Gym. One thing you should know about me is that, I hate the Gym. Those hideous equipments and monstrous weights stare at you, like they are about to take control of your life. It’s like they share some private Joke, ‘She is going to die today.’
Whatever said and done, here I was at 8 in the morning, among a bunch of strangers, some lifting the weights, some peddling the cycle as if there isn’t going to be one tomorrow, few putting up Snap chat stories on strenuous workout while hardly even making at effort to touch their toe. I have always found it easy to interact and socialize with strangers usually at work, summer camps or at a club. But a Gym definitely does not give you that vibe. How do you start a conversation with a stranger at the Gym, ‘Hey, I am #A. So how many kilometers do you cover in an hour on the Treadmill?’ or ‘How much do you weigh?’. I anyways did not try too hard. It was my first day, and I am going to be easy on myself. But who knew my trainer was anything, but easy.
We were 5 of us in one session, a 40 year old aunty wearing a skin tight track-pant and a side-torn body fitting tee (I wonder how she can breathe in that?), 20 year old twin sisters, constantly giggling at their phone, A 25 year old woman already working on the weights and there was me, silently standing at one corner waiting for our trainer.
We were scheduled to do Top ride in today’s class. To put it in simple words, it was cycling. Let me make one thing clear though, this was nothing like the cycling we enjoyed during our childhood days. The workout began smooth, sitting on a cycle that could hardly contain my ass, and peddling to the music playing in the background. Suddenly the music pulls in a beat, and no one was sitting anymore. Everyone were standing and peddling on the cycle, with every last bit of strength they had in them. Now, I am new to all of this, so even though I thought of giving myself a little concession, my trainer did not think that was a good idea. I swear I hate her for that. While I am struggling to be in sync with my trainer, her music and the peddle, the 40 year old aunty opposite to me makes it look like some sort of easy jog. Man, that lady can cycle. Since everyone perfectly balanced their weight on the cycle, I was basically the clown out there. Even though I did not like thinking that way, the looks they gave me confirmed my doubts.
One hour of struggle, and I swear I could not feel my legs anymore. I felt right about my hatred towards the idea of Gym and workout. I am not coming back to this place, I decide. To wash my face and get rid of the sweat, I walk into the changing room. What I saw in there, changed my life forever. The 40 year old aunty had now put on a full length burka, covering every last bit of her skin, The teens had thrown their phone into their lockers, because they did not want their dad to find out, and the 25 year old, well she was just there. For a moment I found myself looking at them and cracking a silent joke inside my head. I no more felt like the clown, and that was quiet liberating.
As I lay on my bed that night, I sympathize with the women who are surrounded by hypocrites, and have to put up with a double-standard society. At least my life outside that Gym was in my control. Maybe the gym wasn’t such a bad idea after all, but as I fell asleep I plotted a plan to do something about that trainer lady. She was going to kill me and I was too hot to die.
Goodnight Folks.

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