Episode 3: The Gucci Obsession

I never really understood this fascination for branded entities, until I lay my hand on my very first Louis Vuitton, that costed me a fortune and left me penny-less for weeks. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the idea of living a lavish lifestyle with branded accessories, but with that came a huge responsibility of being pretentious and holding on to a classy glass of wine, which I couldn’t possibly do. I am very fond of my street beer and cheap Chinese food, and the only place I could use my Louis Vuitton was on a classy date which considering my love life, huh! let’s just forget about it.
Even though I realize all of this, buying a branded entity is like buying drugs. The only difference being, their problem is called drug abuse and mine was called substance abuse. My substance abuse problem had soon turned into an obsession.
Two weeks back I was walking downtown after having bought some grocery from the near by store. I passed by this mall, that had a gorgeous maroon, velvet Gucci bag royally kept at it’s window display. That very moment I forgot that my rent, electricity bill and apartment maintenance was due tomorrow. All I could think was Gucci and I think my head did sing the Gucci anthem as well, the one I had made up. My mom who had accompanied me to buy grocery, caught me staring at the bag and immediately dragged me down the street. Every now and then our lovely parents give us the forbidden advice of ‘Savings’, and believe that deep down we realize what they are saying is right. Well, that night deep down the only thing I could care about was the Gucci bag. I had already made up my mind to go downtown tomorrow and buy that beauty, even if I had to sell one of my kidneys to buy it. At night, I dreamt about the places that I would take it and the sheer class it would add to my wardrobe. I slept well, in fact I slept Gucci well that night.
As kids we always thought that the best thing in Cinderella’s life was her Prince Charming, but as you grow up you find out that the only two best things that happened to her, was that gorgeous gown and those glass shoes. I mean common, let’s be frank, if she had been to the ball in her usual self, there was no way they were letting her enter through the main entrance.
The morning glory hit my happy face and without wasting a minute I got dressed to visit the mall. I was singing the mulberry song as I walked downtown to buy that gorgeous piece of work called Gucci. That’s when I saw a lady walk out of the mall, buying the same bag that I had my eyes on. Okay, I tell myself, that couldn’t be the only piece available at the store. But fortunately or unfortunately that was a limited edition bag, and that was the only piece they had left. My obsession had even led me to contemplate that I run down the street, chase the woman and buy the bag from her. Who was I fooling? I was unhappy, disappointed and ridiculously upset that my virtual reality came to an end.
As I walked down the street I thought to myself, why was I behaving like this? Why did buying a branded entity empower my own happiness or self-worth. Umm…I will tell you why…
The generation that we live in has led us to believe that the only few things that define your class are the cloths you wear, movies you watch, bags you carry and places you visit. In an attempt to fit in we often forget about the real things that bring us happiness, like having your own pet, gifting your parents, the thrill of getting drunk and dancing to cheap Bollywood tracks or just laying in the arms of a loved one. Your loud laugh, trashy dance, shabby cloths and causeway shopping is your real beauty, because 30 years down when you look at your life the only thing that’s going to matter is the real life you lived and the real happiness you experienced, not the expensive Gucci bag that’s going to lie in one corner of your Wardrobe.
Good Day Folks

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