Episode 4: Love In A Paper Bag

When I usually tell my friends that I work for an advertising firm, they define my life down to three events
  • Office parties and drunk nights
  • Gossip over lunch dates &
  • Sleeping with your seniors to make it big in life.
Well, before we get any further let me just burst your bubble and bring you in touch with the reality of my life. Making it big in the ad world usually means,
  • Late night artworks and spell checks.
  • Having lunch at your desk while watching Seinfield &
  • Sleep deprived with constant coffee kick-ins
Now that I’ve given you guys a reality check, the protagonist of today’s story is a 48 year old HR lady who has been working with our firm for the last 4 years. Debris Rodriguez whom I fondly call out to as Debby, is a woman who goes around throwing happiness and kind gestures like it’s confetti. Being around her always makes you feel like there is someone out there to lookout for you. You couldn’t possibly hate a woman like that, even if you tried.
Within the first one month of working with her, I came across a monotonous ritual of her daily work life, the arrival of a brown paper bag parcel at 12 in the noon. At first I thought, that the online shopping buzz had seeped into the lives of our older generation quite seamlessly. Two weeks down I was worried, maybe Debby was getting obsessed. But a month later I came to a conclusion that this was not an instant gratification obsession, it was deeper than that.
Obviously we were taught that it’s wrong to open another person’s letter and read what’s written in it, but then we were also taught a lot of other things which we don’t really follow. So I decided to bring out the rebel in me and shamelessly go ahead and read what’s written in the card that comes along with Debby’s package, when she wasn’t around.
Dear Deb,
I fall in love with you more and more with each passing day, and this cant be Human. But then who could say what’s human or inhuman in Love. You are my Human Dairy and Soul Companion and my love for you would never fade away.
Mr. Rodriguez.”
After locking myself up in a bathroom for 15 minutes and one large cup of coffee, I stopped crying. It’s beautiful to see old married couples giving us relationship goals and making us want to fall in love. As I casually walked towards my desk, I overheard someone saying that Debby was asked to resign because she has grown too old for the firm. I did not want to believe it as I rushed towards Debby’s workspace thinking that she might be upset, but whom was I kidding. That lady could be anything but sad. She was laughing over a youtube video on clumsy cats, while watching out for any passing by seniors.
I walk up to Debby and ask her if what I heard was true, to which she smiles at me and replies, “I was wondering why have they been keeping me for so long. I am old kiddo and it’s time to be one those cool grannys baking cupcakes for my grandchildren, and nagging my kids to take me on a holiday.” she winked. I smiled at her and said, “Why the kids? You and Mr. Rodriguez should probably plan another honeymoon and go away to a far far land.”
That’s when I saw the hint of sadness on her face. 8 months ago Mr. Rodriguez died of Blood Cancer after having fought the battle for almost 4 years. My heart sank and I couldn’t help but look at the brown paper bag on her table. It was almost as if she understood, “He placed an order at my favorite bakery, asking them to deliver red velvet cupcakes to my office everyday for a year. The man was a hopeless romantic”, she remembered.
That night I thought to myself over a box of red velvet cupcakes, why does our generation settle for less than what they deserve? How can you not want to be in love, the ridiculous kind of love, with flowers, hearts and chocolates? How can you be happy without real love? Well, I am never going to be able to answer on behalf of our 3 billion population, but as far as I am concerned, true love is not a myth. It exists and I am for sure going to hunt mine down.
P.S : Ever had to work under a ridiculously hot guy who is smart, charming and well dressed as well? Huh! coz, I am gonna have to, from tomorrow.
Goodnight Folks.

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