Episode 5: Women, Hearts & Purse

The Homo Sapiens or Humans as we call them are quite often subjected to checklist classification, which defines nothing but the sheer reality of their existence. While age, sex and race are a more objective ways to define a person, I take the liberty of judging a person through subjective instincts. One such instincts helped me put women into two distinct categories.
  • The women who carry their heart on their sleeves &
  • The women who carry their purse on their sleeves.
Being a single soul among a bunch of married, committed or engaged girlfriends is not one of the best things that could happen to you. Gone are those days, when meeting at brunch meant going out to a movie, planning a trip to a far far away land or just sitting around a park bench to discuss heart-breaks. Now there were more classified subjects to be discussed, like family gatherings, the in-law’s drama or buying real estate.
At a very young age I was made to believe that getting married and having a family is what completes the meaning of your life, or rather your existence. But as the transition from the 90’s to the 2000’s took place, my idea of having a family was replaced by being self sufficient. This is why I am a woman of the latter category. In a country like ours, if you are an unmarried woman at the age of 27, there is either something wrong with your horoscope, or your character, because wanting some time to discover the real purpose of your life is an excuse that is rejected even before being heard. The society has decided the purpose behind my existence, i.e. Reproduction. How are you suppose to decide what fits into my life best, when you hardly know how much sugar I take in my coffee?
I am not a rebel without a purpose, but I refuse to subject myself to the conventional norms of the society. I am a woman with a zero bank balance, long working hours and a rented apartment with an annoying owner. I need to set reminders to check my travel documents before I leave for the airport, or call my parents to wish them on their anniversary. How I am ready to be anyone’s wife? I have a lot of respect for the women who find their one and only and their happily ever after, but what if my happily ever after lies in something apart from a wedding ring or a cutesy baby shower? Do we always have to find our one and only to fit in, or could our choices find acceptance some place in the near future?
A woman’s heart is lot like the purse that she carries. The one with a Gucci clutch knows exactly what she needs to keep herself happy, the one with a burkini bag carries enough for herself, and two other like her. But the one who does not look for the brand, instead the size of the bag is the one who is always trying to keep everyone around her happy, while compromising her own. I am a lot like the Gucci, but can occasionally settle for the Burkini. My parents have always taught not to settle for anything less than the best, and that’s why it’s important that you don’t try to tame the women around you and trust me when I say this, we know what keeps us happy and eventually, someday we all find our happily ever after.

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