Episode 6: Is Pattern a Problem?

Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. The man who quoted this, for sure did not know much about life. When I was a little kid, we had a set time for everything at our home. Time to wake up, time to get ready, time for breakfast, time for school, time for TV and it went on. We followed this monotonous pattern of eat, sleep, pray and repeat, which was fine. There is nothing wrong with setting a little pattern in your life, but I do have a problem when it’s overdone.
Normally one would assume that having lived a constructive life, I would grow up to be an adult who has a well maintained timetable even on her weekends. I can assure you that I am never going to be that adult. While we are quite often taught that managing our time and organizing the hours is a good thing, how often are we taught about the importance of being flexible? And that’s exactly where I have a problem with pattern. When you are all by yourself, it’s alright to stick to a timeline that you are comfortable with, but it’s not cool to do so when you have a third party around you. You not only hyperventilate about your loss of time, but your crankiness pressurizes the others around you to follow your pattern and live with it. My question is why? Why is it that the one with the pattern is always right, while  the other is constantly proven wrong? Who makes these rules?
The pattern with time is just one part of the problem. The society that we live in, has a pattern in even how they judge you. The other day, I went around looking for a book that mentions the guidelines of our society’s acceptance, and guess what? I was judged by the shopkeeper for being curious. At a very early stage in life, some kids are made to believe that smoking and alcohol consumption makes you a bad person, and these kids (at least 30% of them) grow up to judge a person’s character based on their drinking habits. This is all so wrong. Who are these parents? and what are you teaching your kids? Smoking cigarette or drinking vodka is the sign of having an unhealthy habit, not an unworthy character. Why is it that the one with the unhealthy habit, is fairly often obligated to convince the others that they are not a bad person? If my drinking habits is the basis of your judgment  then I am going to end up drinking bottles of water for the rest of my life.
This is my problem with the pattern. You are right if you want the lights of by 10, but I am wrong if I want to have a movie marathon till 12. You are right if you have everything organized under the sub-tag of a file, but I am wrong if I have a spontaneous, messy lifestyle. You are right to have occasional tea parties with your dignified friend, but I am wrong if I go out clubbing and make new friends. Seriously? Who made these rules.
Now before I conclude my wrath over this problematic pattern, let me tell you exactly what is going to be important for your kids, out there in the real world.
  • The length of a skirt does not decide the character, it decides the choice of clothing and yes, what makes them comfortable.
  • Set a time and pattern for the days that it is absolutely necessary, but mostly lift the weight off your shoulder and learn to be open, flexible and accepting towards others patterns.
  • Judge a person by the things they say to you and how they say it to you, not by ticking off the checklist of an imaginary friend that you have.
  • But most importantly, give a little of what you know and take a little from what they know, because even if I pretend to adjust with your pattern, I am always going to go back to live my own lifestyle.


Good Day Folks



2 Replies to “Episode 6: Is Pattern a Problem?”

  1. I completely hate patterns and routines in general,makes me feel like I’m stuck in a limbo,i would rather just do things as I go,though people swear patterns help them in their daily lives.


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